Thursday, October 26, 2006

CD Review 2

  • Paul Stanley
  • - Live To Win Ok you can all sleep easy now, knowing Paul's new CD Live To Win is out and is great. I don't have to say how great this CD is or how this marks a new day in the history of music because you all know this stuff already.

  • Wednesday 13
  • - Fang Bang this is Wednesday 13's second solo CD and I have to say I had a hard time finding this in stores. No one is stocking this except FYE. And I think they price stuff pretty high just as high as Tower did. Any way I got it and I think it is a good CD. I just hate hunting down CDs.

  • Beyond Fear
  • - This is Tim Ripper Owens first CD outside Judas Priest and Iced Earth. This is a bad ass CD. In the other bands he was in, no one would let him write songs. In this band he proves he can write. I just hope he gets to write with Iced Earth on the next CD

    Again this is another CD I had to hunt down. No one is stocking this one. Its a shame, Bands put alot of time and heart in making music. Why would a company put out a CD not to push it. Or not to market it the right way?


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