Thursday, October 26, 2006

CD Review 2

  • Paul Stanley
  • - Live To Win Ok you can all sleep easy now, knowing Paul's new CD Live To Win is out and is great. I don't have to say how great this CD is or how this marks a new day in the history of music because you all know this stuff already.

  • Wednesday 13
  • - Fang Bang this is Wednesday 13's second solo CD and I have to say I had a hard time finding this in stores. No one is stocking this except FYE. And I think they price stuff pretty high just as high as Tower did. Any way I got it and I think it is a good CD. I just hate hunting down CDs.

  • Beyond Fear
  • - This is Tim Ripper Owens first CD outside Judas Priest and Iced Earth. This is a bad ass CD. In the other bands he was in, no one would let him write songs. In this band he proves he can write. I just hope he gets to write with Iced Earth on the next CD

    Again this is another CD I had to hunt down. No one is stocking this one. Its a shame, Bands put alot of time and heart in making music. Why would a company put out a CD not to push it. Or not to market it the right way?

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Pics From S.A.F. The Beef N Beer

    Here are just a few pics from the Beef N Beer. You can see more Pics at
  • Sleeping Angels Fund

  • It was a great weekend. It felt good seeing every one again. Since I have moved, I did not know how much I have missed everyone.

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Sleeping Angels Beef N Beer Oct 14th

    This Saturday
  • The Sleeping Angels Fund
  • is holding The 5th Annual Beef N Beer At The Willow Grove V.F.W. Post #3612 301-05 W.Moreland Road.Willow Grove PA 19090 215-659-3782 For More Info Please Visit
  • The Sleeping Angels Fund
  • Web Site

    A Day At Roba Family Farms In Dalton Pa

    Here is a few pics from our day out at Roba Family Farms in Dalton PA. There is so much going on at this farm.

    This is the Corn Maze. OK who's idea was this. Is this fun. For about the first 15 mins. Then it starts to suck. Smiles going in , no smiles coming out.

    I am happy it was not that hot around 70 if it was in the summer i don't think i would make it out alive.

    Note to self: do not do the corn maze again

    Matt Playing with a cow.

    This is the pig race.

    Another pig race pic

    The End Of A LONG DAY